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Tonneau Covers / The SwingBox

Amazing Truck Accessories is a specialty truck accessory retailer that showcases the most innovative, highest quality truck accessories that are both practical and useful in both design and operation, and are not widely available from other truck accessory retailers.
The BAKFlip

The BAKFlip® Cover is the NEWEST GENERATION of hard, folding multi-panel tonneau covers!  Enjoy all the security of a locking hard tonneau cover and have instant access to your entire truck bed!  The innovative BAKFlip cover folds all the way forward and up against the truck's rear cab (rear window) giving you access to all of your truck bed without removing the cover!  However, the BAKFlip is also easily removable with 2 wing nuts and weighs only 40 lbs!  PLUS - The BAKFlip DOES NOT INTERFERE with stakehole pockets on your truck, so it works perfectly with side rails, heachache racks, tie downs, overhead truck racks, etc! more...

The SwingCase®
The SwingCase® by Undercover is the latest in truck cargo storage!  This SwingCase® allows you to store tools and other items neatly while taking up very little space in the bed of your truck as it mounts behind and over your wheel well!  Each unit holds up to 50 lbs, works with all tonneau covers, is lockable, secure, and weatherproof.  See why it was the "WINNER - BEST NEW ITEM UNDER $500" at the SEMA Spring Expo!  Click HERE for more info!
The VersaCover

The VersaCover HARD tonneau cover is a single piece, thermo-molded cover made from advanced GE Plastics (GELOY).  This cover is EXTREMELY strong, durable, and scratch resistant!  As it weigh only 58 lbs for a full size truck it is MUCH LIGHTER  than fiberglass tonneaus so it is easily removable (ON and OFF in seconds).  No Drill installation in about 30 minutes... more...

The K-Cover

The K-Cover is a FOLDING HARD tonneau cover (2 or 4 panels) that is convenient, tough, secure (lockable) and easily removable!!  It can be opened from the front or rear and can be completely removed in seconds to give you easy access to your entire cargo area at all times!  It's lightweight aluminum and stainless steel construction provides the durability to withstand the toughest road and weather conditions.  All covers have a revolutionary NEW 4-Point Automatic Slam Latch System...more...

RollBAK Tonneau Cover

The RollBAK® Tonneau Cover a 100% Powder Coated Aluminum Hard, Retractable, tonneau cover that gives you instant access to your truck bed and cargo without ever removing the cover. Better yet, this cover does not interfere with stake hole pockets, so you can keep those tubular bed rails without having to remove them. You can even use this cover with your existing ladder rack and your tie downs. This cover is level with the truck bed, so you maintain your truck's original sleek profile. More...

SwingBox Truck Tool Box

Our current feature product is THE newly patented SwingBox® TRUCK TOOL BOX is an amazingly innovative new concept in truck tool boxes!  The SwingBox® truck toolbox is installed right behind the tailgate (not the cab of your truck).  When you need to access your tools, you simply open the tailgate, and The SwingBox® swings out over the open tailgate to allow total access to all of your tools without reaching! Quickly stows and secures and works with most tonneau covers and truck caps.

Easy Access to your tools and gear- NO MORE REACHING!

SwingBox® was born out of the need for a convenient way to access storage in the truck bed.  As most truck owners know, our trucks are bigger, our truck beds are taller and more out of reach than ever.  By placing a functional and accessible storage compartment at the rear of the truck bed and attaching an ability to "swing" the box out to clear an open tailgate, the SwingBox® gives you more quick and easy access to your "stuff"!

 The SwingBox® puts everything you need to store in your pickup bed box within easy reach without stretching, leaning, or climbing up into the truck bed!  As all of us who have had truck toolboxes before, we know this is a source of real frustration to access your gear.  The SwingBox® also provides a great workstation to set up on the jobsite.  Just close the lid, and it converts to a convenient tabletop!

For more information on this product see our SwingBox pages

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